Born out of a weekend trying to make a 3D clone of MidWay's Classic 2D Shoot-em-up 1943, Cloud Rangers is an all-action-limited-story shooter, where players battle across the skies of an alternate world called Eriel.

In the world of Eriel, there is no land. People live of floating masses known as Atols. You join ace mercenary pilot Barrington Hawkfeather and his gunner Marmaduke Haypenny-Smyth on their quest against the Iron Fist Federation, who's regime threatens to take over the entire Northern Hemisphere! Your employer - the Northern Coalition - pays you for every IFF vessel destroyed. Use this money to upgrade your plane, buy bigger guns, and hire team mates, as you battle bigger, badder and more ..uh.. shooty enemies!

Cloud Rangers tries to capture the feeling of Old WW1 footage, with rickety camera work and washed out sepia fesnels over the lens.

Right now it's early days, and with other projects and real life on the go too, Cloud Rangers is a slow burner... it should see the light of demo in a few months.
Until then, keep your eyes peeled here for update videos... and here are some screenies to whet your appetite...

//First Look Demo

A first look very early demo of Cloud Rangers is now available to try - just download here!

// Trailer


// Screen Shots. July 27th

// Screen Shots. July 15th