// MAY 2010 // LATEST DEMO!

Demo from late May 2010. It's quite buggy, but the gameplay is all there,
and there are 4 levels and a practice Dojo to mess around in!

There is a forum thread at the TGC page HERE, it's worth checking the last few pages
for comments and crit from people, and to get some help on getting through some of
the tougher platforming puzzles!

// HappyCheeseCake // Level2 playthrough

Play through video by HappyCheeseCake ( who game some great feedback too ) wanted to show off how 1337 he was at the game, so thought I would post it here too. He manages to find some glitches and bugs in the gameplay, but he's also a total ninja. Cheers for actually making a video of my game, it's really heartening to see other people play it!

// Video Update // Mid April